Meet the Team




About Us

It wasn’t always this hard.

Consuming with a conscience was simple.
We knew what we were buying and where it came from.
Somewhere along the way, that got lost.


Do we really need to say it?

Plastic straws stuck in the noses of turtles?
Burgers causing global warming?
Palm oil killing orangutans?


It’s hard to know what to buy, who to buy from, and what’s in the products you’re buying.
The modern consumer has so many decisions to make.
But conscious purchases, ones that nourish our bodies, each other, and our environment, don’t have to be so hard.


Here at Agave,

we want to make it easy
when it comes to buying the things you need.

Entirely cruelty-free, kind to the environment, and shipped to you in 100% recycled packaging. You’ll never have to worry about checking the labels or feeling overwhelmed.
At Agave, we do the dirty work for you – we find all the best products, perfectly curated for you and ethically sourced for animals and the environment.
We don’t stop there, either. We ship everything to you in 100% recyclable materials, so you don’t have to feel bad making this your one-stop-shop.

All products. All cruelty-free. All the time.


Our Packaging

We ship to you using the best of the best: EcoEnclose. They are entirely eco-friendly and recyclable shipping materials. With each order shipped to you, you’re doing something good for the planet.